My name is Sean Dixon, and I am The Bearded Foe. I live in Oklahoma City.


I began playing Dungeons and Dragons in October of 1986, under the expert tutelage of Joe and Barb L. (who shall forever be in my heart) and I was immediately hooked. The miniatures, the weird-looking dice, the maps… all of it captured my imagination and sparked a life-long love affair with role-playing games. I began Dungeon Mastering (DMing) a few months later. I was 11.

Since then, I have played and DMed every version of D&D made available, as well as dozens (if not hundreds) of other role-playing games and systems. I have run games for people of all ages, economic strata, ethnicity, and religion. I’ve taken new players who’ve never rolled anything other than standard six-sided dice and veterans who’ve been playing longer than I have and run them through adventures that were exciting and fun. And all of them have come back for more.


With over 30 years of gaming experience, I have the knowledge, skills, and talent to run most any genre in most any system.


I have run adventures on the following worlds:

  • Epic Fantasy – powerful magic, knights, and dragons
  • Sword and Sorcery – rugged sword-fighters and cunning thieves, living by their wits
  • Steampunk – Victorian-era etiquette mixed with steam-powered contraptions and gunpowder
  • Western – a deck of cards, a good horse, a trusty six-shooter, and nerves of steel in a lawless land
  • Horror – terrible monsters that can’t quite be described, magic that is mysterious and deadly, supernatural elements that seek to feed on the living, and the regular people just trying to stay alive
  • Modern – law-enforcement agents, super-spies, or special forces operatives, maybe living in an alternate timeline
  • Superheroes – the strength of the Hulk, the mental prowess of Professor X, the technology of Ironman, or the demigod powers of Thor, this genre has something for everyone
  • Cyberpunk – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, cybernetic modifications and implants, and lasers!
  • Sci-fi – zooming through space to visit other planets, alien life-forms with agendas of their own, and even more lasers!
  • Humor/Satire – sometimes, you just need to have some light-hearted laughs in a world with relaxed consequences


I am familiar with the following rule sets:

  • D20 system – uses the “standard” set of seven dice. Games like D&D and Pathfinder.
  • Dice Pool – uses handfuls of the same die-type, such as d6s or d10s. Games like Shadowrun and Vampire: The Requiem.
  • Percentile – uses 2d10 to produce a number between 1 and 100. Games like Warhammer Fantasy and Runequest.
  • Dice Assignment – uses the “standard” set of seven dice, but players assign die types to skills. The bigger, the better. Games like Serenity and Heroic.
  • Meta-currency – “diceless” games where cards, coins, or other tokens are exchanged to enforce narrative priority. Games like Conspire and FATE.
  • Homebrew – small, usually simple systems used for special one-off games or party games. I have literally developed dozens of homebrew rule sets.


Here are some kind words from people who have sat at one of my tables:

“I have had the distinct pleasure of playing in campaigns with Sean at the helm. Regardless of the setting, from high fantasy to gritty science fiction, he has an amazing ability to make worlds come alive by weaving an engrossing story with vivid landscapes, cities full of intrigue, and colorful characters to interact with.

His long experience with role-playing games shows every time he sits behind the GM screen. This experience manifests itself in many ways. First and foremost, Sean displays a genuine enthusiasm for the game at every session. He is also easily approachable at any time with any questions, and is always open and inviting to new players. As GM he is always prepared, ready to go, and able to keep the game moving forward.

The knowledge he possesses regarding games across multiple genres, tabletop RPGs to board games, and game mechanics to monsters also speaks volumes to his experience as a Game Master. His familiarity with such a wide range of games is a boon to any group exploring dungeons on a Saturday night. I look forward to every opportunity to sit at a table and roll dice in one of Sean’s campaigns.” ~ Micah S.

“Sean has been a great DM at every meet up I see him at. I’ve been playing DnD for years but my wife has never been that into it. Thanks to Sean my wife and her sister both join me at our tabletop sessions and they both enjoy it.

Sean created a custom system that is easier than DnD, made an entire world based on the preferences of our group, created custom player sheets and brought all of the supplies. We literally just had to show up. It’s been a fantastic experience playing RPGs with Sean at the reins.” ~ Brandt W.

“Sean planned my bachelor party out in amazing detail and care. I dreaded the ‘typical bachelor party experience’ and Sean delivered something amazing, entertaining, and unique, whilst keeping in the spirit of the social norm… if there was ever a need for a nerdy-bachelor party, Sean can deliver in spades.” ~ Bryan C.

“Sean planned out and ran my fiance’s bachelor party and did a great job! He involved me in every step of the planning to make sure I was comfortable with what he had planned and he was very professional about it. He had creative, fun ideas, and my husband and friends told me after the party what a great time they had!” ~ Denise C.

“I’ve been gaming for nearly 30 years, with dozens of GMs and game systems from D&D to Men in Black the RPG and everything in between. Sean’s one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to game with. His enthusiasm with role-playing, his knowledge of game systems, and his ability to customize them to fit players’ needs are beyond impressive. When Loot & XP hosted library events, we ran a one shot adventure for new and/or inexperienced players. Sean created a system specifically for the event and wowed every single one of the players! It’s always a pleasure to play in his games and would definitely play in every one of his games if I had the time!” ~ DC Bueller – owner of Loot & XP

“Last year I was introduced to Sean from a mutual acquaintance. I was looking for someone to run short RPG campaigns in a tabletop gaming room of our convention. Sean was the perfect person for that. He was prepared for people who had never campaigned before with pre-made sheets and miniatures that allowed a diverse party to be formed; however for more advanced groups he was able to move the party through the intro quickly and into the meat of the campaign. He was always ready with an evocative description of the individual actions, but allowed the player the opportunity to describe the character’s actions if they wanted to. He will be back at our convention again, and I highly recommend him as a game DM.” ~ Jeff H. – Tabletop Gaming Director, Izumicon