Serving the greater Oklahoma City metro area. I offer the following services:

Session Gaming – $15 per person for a 3-hour session

Just looking for a small group to join? Or perhaps you and your friends need an experienced DM? Try one of these options out. Be sure to ask about my First-Time Player and Reviewer discounts!

Learn-to-Play Sessions

Always wanted to play a table-top role-playing game but didn’t know where to start, or even who to ask for help? This session is for you! I will teach you to play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, the most popular role-playing game out there. We’ll build your character from the ground up and go through an introductory adventure geared to teach you the basic game mechanics and get you familiar with the different dice. All in a fun environment with others who are learning the game as well.

One-shot Sessions – Open Table

So you love role-playing games of every kind, but life priorities such as family, school, or job obligations prevent you from committing to a regular weekly game. Whaddyagonnado? The answer is simple: sign up for one of my Open Tables! You can drop into a one-shot game on a night that is convenient to your schedule and enjoy the hobby with others who want to get their dice-rolling on!

One-shot Sessions – Closed Group

Do you and your friends all role-play, but can’t find a DM to run your game? Look no further! I can run your group through a one-off game in the genre and system of your choosing. With several available evenings, I can accommodate your scheduling needs. Just gather your closest allies and prepare for adventure!

Legacy Sessions – Closed Group

Whether you have an already-existing campaign with established characters, or are looking to take your favorite one-shot character to new heights of power and adventure, the Legacy Session is right up your alley. I’ll keep detailed campaign notes from one session to the next, so the decisions your character makes (and the treasure she accumulates) will have lasting impact in her world. This package is perfect for more advanced players.

Stand-in DMing

You’re a DM. Your campaign is TEH BEST! But now you’ve got to put the game on hold at a critical time in the story. You’re afraid the game will lose momentum. Or worse – your players will lose interest. What do you do? What… do… you… do??? Have no fear, is what! You can hand your campaign notes over to me (along with any special instructions) and I can run your game for one or more sessions in your stead. And if the story is too intricate, or you simply don’t trust The Bearded Foe, that’s fine too. I can run your players through a mini-adventure: time-jumps, planeshifting, dream sequences, “Meanwhile, back at the fort…” scenarios. My Bag of Tricks is endless and at your disposal. The best part? You don’t have to risk anything and your players get to stay in the thick of the action while you step away from the table to handle your obligations.

Workshops – $15 per person

I offer Role-playing Workshops on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • For Players
    • Role-playing Your Character
    • Creating Believable Backstories
    • Contributing to the Fun of Others
  • For Dungeon Masters
    • Writing a Great Story
    • Creating Convincing Villains
    • Keeping Players Engaged
    • Handling Problem Players
    • Fixing Problem Games (Without Ruining Your Campaign)
  • …and many more!

Workshops generally last for 2 hours, but may go a little over schedule.

Birthday Parties – $150 for 3 hours

Have a birthday party planned? I’ll provide pre-generated characters and an adventure to captivate your birthday boy or girl and up to 9 of their friends. And when they are finished, they’ll have their very own mini-figure to commemorate their heroic exploits! This package is perfect for anyone ages 10 and up.

Party Games – $55 per hour

Want to host a party for your friends with fun party games on the hour, every hour? But wait – if you run the games, you don’t get to play with your friends and party guests. Hire me to run the party games for you. I will referee your party games in a fun and fair manner and allow you to get into the mix with your friends to enjoy everything your party has to offer! And I can tailor my referee style to fit most party themes. I have a bunch of my own games, or you can provide some of your own favorites.

Conventions and Events – $350 per day

Running a convention that caters to the modern gamer? Why not include a table for table-top role-playing? My unique DMing style allows new and inexperienced players to sit at the same table with veteran adventurers. There is very little prep time, so your convention goers can get right to the action!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties – $350 for 3 hours

Getting married is an adventure in and of itself! Why not start it off with a custom-made bachelor or bachelorette party that combines the excitement of table-top role-playing and mature themes? Fun minigames round out the evening in a safe environment. Looking for a co-ed party, where the soon-to-be couple can face danger and temptation together? No problem! There’s plenty of adventure for all.

Special Requests

If you have a special request for your table-top role-playing or party games, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask. If at all possible, I will work with you to meet your needs.

Travel Requests

Although I serve primarily the Oklahoma City Greater Metro area, I am willing to travel a little ways to bring the magic and adventure to you. Leave me a comment or message on my Contact Page and we’ll see if we can’t work something out.